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Lashmother Uli

LASHMOTHER ULI | Classic and Balm Lash Lift Glue

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(English, subtitles available)



Over 1 hour of educational content!

What is included:

01. Classic Lash Lift Glue – Learn how to work with every traditional liquid glue on the market, how to properly open and store it, and how to use every last drop (saving you $$$). Compare 4 popular classic glues: Elan Fixing Gel, Elan Easy Fix, My Lamination Lash Lift Adhesive and Lomansa Lash Lifting Adhesive.

02. Balm Lash Lift Glue – Learn about the revolutionary balm glue that took the lash lift world by storm. Dive deep into the ingredients, texture, and do's and don'ts when it comes to mastering the product that will help you pack it in under 3 minutes (or even less)! Compare Lami Glue Balm and Glue.

03. BONUS: Laminator brush - Learn everything there is to know about this all-in-one innovative tool that allows you to wrap lashes onto the shield in minutes (and yes, without the use of any other wrapping tools). Find out the pros and cons, as well as proven tips to make it work for you in no time.

04. 1 month access to the masterclass from the date of purchase.

05. Captions for every lesson - available in English, French, Spanish, German, Czech, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, Hebrew and Persian.

06. Digital certificate of participation.

Please note the following:

- No refunds are offered.

- Digital manual is not included.

- It is your responsibility to complete the masterclass within the allotted time frame of 1 month from the date of purchase. No extensions are offered.

Access within 24 hours after purchase!


LASHMOTHER ULI | Classic and Balm Lash Lift Glue

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