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Noemi - Classic Hybrid Dye Masterclass Online

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What's included in the Classic Noemi Masterclass?




  • How to prepare the skin prior to any brow dye services
  • Step-by-step mapping
  • Hard wax using Noemi pink wax
  • Colour choice using Noemi filters
  • How to prepare your mix
  • Brow Dye application and processing times
  • Brow Styling using Noemi Soap & Concealing


Colour Range Video: Colour range swatches with an explanation of colour range and undertones.


How to Mix Video: How to mix and understand ratio using Noemi swatch filters.


Noemi Ultimate Manual covering:
  • Who is Noemi
  • Full Range Overview with product descriptions
  • Ph Explained
  • Extensive Colour Theory
  • Noemi Colour Range
  • Hair Level System
  • Full Instructions
  • The importance on consultation
  • Contraindications
  • Brow Dye Aftercare


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Noemi - Classic Hybrid Dye Masterclass Online
Noemi - Classic Hybrid Dye Masterclass Online
Noemi - Classic Hybrid Dye Masterclass Online
Noemi - Classic Hybrid Dye Masterclass Online
Noemi - Classic Hybrid Dye Masterclass Online

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