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OKO brow henna is designed for deep coloring of eyebrows. The brow henna has a fine texture that dissolves quickly. The gel-like consistency makes the brow henna easy to use and apply.
OKO brow henna contains ingredients that provide soft coloring of hair and skin.

OKO brow henna remains on the skin for up to 14 days and on the hairs for up to 6 weeks (depending on the individual characteristics of the customer's skin)

  • The unique formula, developed with the needs of professionals in mind, allows streamlining and accelerating work without sacrificing quality.
  • Easy to mix - the henna dissolves to the necessary consistency within seconds.
  • A gel-like texture simplifies application of the product.
  • A palette of 7 shades designed by qualified colorists. Each color fulfills its function perfectly. With 4 colors and 3 correctors you can create the ideal color for every customer.
  • The product is manufactured in a globally renowned factory using the highest quality components and the highest level of purification.
  • The henna is CPNP certified and meets all European quality standards.
OKO Henna color palette:
01 Light brown;
02 Brown;
03 Dark brown;
04 Black; (corrector)
05 Yellow; (corrector)
06 Red Wine. (corrector)
07 Natural brown

Explanation of color palette:
01 Light Brown – a light brown shade. Developed for people with light, warm tones and warm blondes.
Leaves a subtle imprint on the skin.
Tonal depth level: 7-8

02 Brown – a vibrant, rich brown shade. Warm brown with a cool undertone on the skin.
Leaves a clear print on the skin.
Tonal depth level: 7-6

03 Dark Brown – a beautiful, rich, neutral brown color. Depending on the layers, it can give a very dense print on the skin and a rich color for the hair.
Tonal depth level: 6

04 Black – Corrector. Deep, intense black color. Recommended for use in blends to cool tones and add depth to color.
Tonal depth level: 3-4

05 Yellow – Corrector. Warm yellow-brown shade. Designed to lighten other colors in the palette. Can be used alone for warm-toned blondes or redheads.
Tonal depth level: 8-9

06 Red Wine – Corrector. Visible, bright copper brown color. Suitable for customers with a chestnut hair color.
Tonal depth level: 7

07 Natural brown - universal color, neutral with a slight cold undertone. Leaves an imprint on the skin.
Tonal depth level: 6-7

Retention period after opening: corresponds to the actual storage period; Consult the expiration date on the packaging.


Prepare the skin and eyebrows for coloring. Remove makeup. Apply OKO Eyebrow and Lash Shampoo-Foam to cleanse and degrease the skin and hair before coloring.

If necessary, shape the eyebrow sketch with OKO Eyebrow Contour Paste.

Mix OKO henna with distilled water or a mineral solution in a ratio of 1:3 (depending on the chosen coloring technique, a 1:5 solution can be used).

Mix the mixture thoroughly until it is completely dissolved and the consistency resembles soy sauce. Use a non-metallic container.

Apply the brow henna mix to the eyebrows with a brush. For precise and even results, apply the mixture in several layers. Before applying a new coat, make sure the previous coat is completely dry (3-5 minutes).

The application time is 10-15 minutes or until the henna is completely dry. Remove the henna with a dry cotton pad.

Do not use henna to color eyelashes!

It is recommended to take an allergy test 24-48 hours before the procedure.

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