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New, improved formula!
The unique 4-step lamination procedure gives the lashes an elastic curl, makes the lashes visually longer and more voluminous, and provides deep nourishment and hydration.

Sigma is especially suitable for more experienced stylists. It is strong and works quickly, so lotions need perfect timing.

Benefits of the Sigma eyelash and eyebrow lamination system:
  • Application times between 4-8 minutes
  • Suitable for any type of hair, it works gently and quickly
  • The unique 2-phase recovery system works on a macro and micro level in the hair
  • reduces the time of the procedure due to the step 3 -Active Serum- that you mix with the paint mix
  • Always gives stable results

What is unique about the Sigma lifting system?
The advantage and uniqueness of the system lies in the content of the first step of a special polymer and keratin amino acids, which protect the hair during the first step.
During the application of the 1st step, the polymer and keratin amino acids envelop the hair, filling the voids and forming a therapeutic cushion that protects the hair from aggressive effects.
Step 3 the Multi Active Serum is mixed with the paint mix. And it restores the hairs during dyeing.

Sigma lamination is also aimed at deep hair restoration.
Therefore, it uses a 2-phase recovery system: deep nourishment with #3 Sigma Multi Active Serum, as well as hydration and sealing of the cuticular zone with #4 Sigma Hydra Energy serum.

The two-phase recovery system gives eyelashes and eyebrows health, shine, saturates with keratin and amino acids, proteins and seals the cuticle, restores the lipid layers of the hair thanks to phospholipids.

  • CURL #STEP 1: 4 to 8 minutes.
  • FIXATION #STEP 2: same number of minutes as step 1
  • MULTI ACTIVE SERUM #STEP 3: mix with the paint mix. Observe the paint's exposure time plus 1 minute extra.
  • HYDRA ENERGY #STEP 4: May remain on the eyelashes

The tubes do not allow air, moisture and light to enter. The tubes are made of organic plastic and do not suck in air when opened. The elasticity of the tubes makes the lotions easy to dose and use down to the last drop.
Each tube contains 5ml

SIGMA CURL 1: aqua, ammonium thioglycolate, ammonium bicarbonate, ethanolamine, peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, keratin amino acids, polyquaternium-7, ammonium hydroxide, perfume, pentasodium pentetate, etidronic acid, linalool

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