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retail: ZOLA | KERATIN BROW GEL (10 pieces)

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Zola Keratin Brow Gel is your indispensable tool for eyebrow care and creating unique looks!

Say goodbye to unruly hairs; now your eyebrows always have the perfect shape in just a few seconds!

5 benefits in one product!

  • Perfect Fixation: The gel provides ideal fixation of the eyebrows all day long, keeping them in the desired shape without a sticky or heavy feeling.
  • Keratin enrichment: Infused with keratin, the gel enriches the structure of the eyebrow hairs, giving them a healthy shine and elasticity.
  • Light consistency: The soft texture of the gel is easy to apply, leaves no white residue and feels soft and weightless on the skin.
  • Universal application: From daily makeup to evening looks, this gel can be used at any time to create various styles.
  • Safety and effectiveness: The formula of the gel is safe to use and provides efficient fixation without any negative impact on the eyebrow hairs.

Zola Keratin Brow Gel - fix beauty effortlessly!

retail: ZOLA | KERATIN BROW GEL (10 pieces)

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